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Vail and Beaver Creek Snow Report – January 22nd 2013

We take a look at Vail and Beaver Creek in today’s snow report and this pretty much sums up conditions right across this part of Colorado.

The sunshine an warm temperatures are certainly enjoyable, but let’s be honest, we are here for the snow and right now, things are getting a little thin on the ground.

If you are thinking that Snow Report TV has seen some crappy conditions peak season in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere, then you would be absolutely right. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t as bad as our trip to New Zealand in 2011, nor is it as bad as last season according to the locals, but we could really use some snow right now.

Going in to more detail, the concern for Colorado is now that they are taking a glimpse into a drought, which certainly is bad news. The winter snowfall determines the water flow come spring and right now, things are very thin on the ground.

The good news is that the weather is expected to turn on Thursday as a storm brushes Colorado. We could see a few inches there, but the bigger news is a cut-off storm next week which could bring more significant snow to the area. At this stage, it looks like it could favor southern Colorado, though we remain hopeful.

For now, groomers are most definitely the go, along with bumps that still have good cover. I am personally a bit too nervous to venture too far off piste now as the cover is just not up to it. I have encountered thin snow cover, trees, tree stumps, fallen trees, rocks and bare ground. It can get a little nasty. The skis certainly will need a tune when the snow does fall.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy to ski groomers in sunshine all day, so I am not complaining, though that’s not the real reason we are here in the middle of the season, is it?

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Pete Kvist
Head Honcho of SRTV

Pete Kvist began skiing in Australia over 20 years ago and has been addicted to skiing and all things snow ever since. He has worked several seasons on the mountain as a lift operator and has also spent some time in ski resort media departments (so yes, he knows the tricks of the trade).

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