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Lindsey Vonn Sells Lift Passes At Vail?

It was the gorgeous Lindsay Vonn who stole the show today on Youtube with her undercover exploits in the Vail ticket office.

With a super season pounding Colorado, there’s no wonder Vail tickets are in demand. People are already snapping up next year’s EpicPass in anticipation of another season to remember. That means Vail ticket offices have remained busy right up until the final throws of winter.

So much so, Vail enlisted the help of one heck of an over-qualified ticket seller, in Olympic gold medalist, Lindsey Vonn. It’s easy to watch the video and suggest you would recognize her, though to be honest, I really wonder if I would… without any hints of course.

Sure, she’s incredibly attractive, amazingly talented and a wonderful person to go along with it, but for some strange reason, her stocks continue to rise… for me at least… Did I mention that she was attractive?

So next time you buy tickets at Vail, just take another look to make sure Lindsey isn’t trying to extend the tenure of her new job!

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Pete Kvist
Head Honcho of SRTV

Pete Kvist began skiing in Australia over 20 years ago and has been addicted to skiing and all things snow ever since. He has worked several seasons on the mountain as a lift operator and has also spent some time in ski resort media departments (so yes, he knows the tricks of the trade).

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