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Gaper Day Breckenridge Snow Report April 1st 2012

Three feet of fresh powder overnight at Breckenridge with today’s Gaper Day snow report? Must be April 1st.

Gaper Day is a superb tradition at many resorts and Breckenridge celebrates it on April 1st each year. It’s a celebration of the season and a chance to poke just a little fun at the “Gapers” that frequent the mountain during the season.

Today’s weather truly turned it on for the start of April as one of the warmest days of the season showed up to join in the celebration.

A change is expected tonight with maybe a few inches of snow, though for now, we’re more than happy with perfect sunshine and warm temperatures.

Gaper Day Breckenridge 2012

Gratuitous shot of gorgeous girls in bikinis

In today’s report, Papa T takes a look at gaper day and talks to some of the local to find out what on earth is going on. Just seeing some of the outfits on the hill was worth the lift ticket alone.

Also in today’s report, Lars takes another look on some additional tactics to teach you how to ski moguls. He heads back to the bumps with a few more tips that will hopefully help even more in mastering some of the most challenging terrain on any mountain. If you missed it, you can check his first lesson on how to ski moguls here.

This is the last report for the season from Lars and Papa T and we’d like to thank them for some entertaining and informative reports whilst they have been checking out the best the Rockies have to offer. For now, it’s farewell from Breckenridge, Colorado and gaper day 2012.

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Pete Kvist
Head Honcho of SRTV

Pete Kvist began skiing in Australia over 20 years ago and has been addicted to skiing and all things snow ever since. He has worked several seasons on the mountain as a lift operator and has also spent some time in ski resort media departments (so yes, he knows the tricks of the trade).

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