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Canyons Resort Opening Day Snow Report and #EpicRace Day 8

Another day, another state, another opening day for Bryan Baecker in the #EpicRace.

Unfortunately Bryan has lost a day on his rivals in the race as he spent Thanksgiving in transit, whilst other racers were able to stay on the trail and continue their strike rate of one resort per day. Although this isn’t the end of the world, it would have been good to stay at the top of the leader board in this race half way across the world.

Bryan Baecker calendar shoot 2013

Being away from family and friends on Thanksgiving would have had to have been the toughest part of the race so far for Bryan, though the continuous travel, lack of sleep and massive amount of skiing and boarding are bound to take their toll on all competitors at some point.

Today Bryan checked out opening day at Canyons resort in Utah, another superb addition to the Epic Pass. Although very limited terrain was open with a less than impressive snow pack, any opening day is something special to be a part of.

It was icy in places with the recent deep freeze, though the forecast for next week is shaping up to be rather tasty indeed. For now, there isn’t a great deal to get you excited at Canyons, though just being a part of the Epic Pass and #EpicRace is excitement enough!

On posting this report, Bryan has already boarded a flight and arrived at his next destination ready to hit the slopes in the morning. The question is… did he go East or West? Find out tomorrow!

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Pete Kvist
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