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Big Snow Coming To Colorado 12 November 2011

The snow has already started falling across the northern half of Colorado and much more is expected in this storm. The snow unfortunately though will not fall gently as there are blizzard warnings in place and high winds are expected in most areas where the snow is expected to fall.

On the plus side, accumulations of up to 2 feet are expected in the areas further north and these accumulations will reduce as you move further south. Around the i70, expect up to one foot, whilst a little less will fall in the San Juans.

Whilst the snow has already started falling, the biggest accumulations will occur tonight and into tomorrow morning, meaning your favorite resort will have a significant powder day tomorrow. The major snow will end tomorrow night, though lingering snow showers should persist into Monday with only light accumulations.

The fresh snow comes as a welcome addition to the cover as this time of year is renowned for crowded slopes and the odd sheet of ice smack bang in the middle of a popular trail. We have been receiving reports from every single open resort of these same issues, though as one of our loyal followers suggested, “this is the time of year you get out there just to get out there. It’s not the time of year you get out there to find open space or fresh tracks”. We tend to agree.

Opening Resorts

Welcome to the family of open resorts: Winter Park! What a great way to usher in the new season with all the fresh snow.

Park City in Utah will also follow suit next week.

How much snow is falling?

Copper Mountain Snow Stake

Copper Mountain Snow Stake just prior to 9pm Nov 12 2011

If you are wondering how much snow is falling, we love the initiative of Copper Mountain in Colorado with their “Snow Stake”. This permanent snow cam regularly updates showing live images of a fixed snow stake and any accumulated snowfall. No camera tricks and no way of faking the images. The snow stake is located mid mountain and from all reports is in a fair location which is not prone to drifting snow that pads the accumulation values.

Make sure you get involved with us through the comments, twitter and our facebook page. If you are at a resort and see something happening or would like to submit your own report, be sure to let us know as well. We’d love to see your powder videos and photos from tomorrow as well! Enjoy the powder day on Sunday and we’ll see you, on the mountain.

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Pete Kvist
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