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Lars Thorn

Meet Lars Thorn

Lars is the son of another of Snow Report TV’s host, Rodney Thorn. Born and raised in the East of the United States of America, Lars learned his trade (in his case skiing) on the unforgiving ice sheets of some of the Eastern resorts.

His passion for sport landed him a dream job working at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. This lead perfectly into a role with the torch relay of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games where Lars discovered the wonders of Utah powder.

Snow Report TV Host Lars Thorn

You never know where you'll find Lars Thorn

Following the 2002 Salt Lake games, this was surprisingly the first time Lars had skied “out west” despite having skied for most of his life. He immediately fell in love with the snow and was hooked on “premium” powder.

Lars later made the move to Los Angeles and usually manages to squeeze in several ski trips each season.

Colorado has become a true family destination for the Thorn clan and Breckenridge has been the resort and town of choice for several family reunions. Snow has certainly become a glue that helps bind the family together.

You never quite know where Lars is going to pop up with snow reports, though you can expect him to usually be in search of powder in Colorado.

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