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Snow Report TV has been created as a truly independent snow reporting website because quite frankly, who else is sick of resorts spinning their own snow reports which are just created as a tool to promote their own resort.

Have you ever heard a snow report that talks of a “powder day”, only to turn up and find less than an inch of fresh snow which fell heavy and wet?

Here are some common terms used by “official” resort snow reports and their actual meanings:

Snow Report TV

Powder day: If any type of snow has fallen. One single flake can constitute a “powder day” at some resorts. This term tells us NOTHING.

Soft and forgiving snow: It has been pi$$ing down rain.

Firm and fast: The resort is a sheet of ice.

Great day in the terrain park: Because the rest of the resort is screwed.

One foot of fresh snow: Similar to men talking about their sexual conquests, you can probably halve this number. This measurement was probably taken in a drift off the back of the hill.

Dress warm: It is so cold you wouldn’t want to let your dog “mark its territory”, or it may freeze solid in the process.

Light breeze: Could be anything from a “light breeze” to cyclonic winds.

Some lifts may be on wind hold: Lifts WILL BE on wind hold.

Superb grooming: We haven’t had snow for weeks, so grooming is our only hope.

So much to do off the snow as well: You might as well not bother bringing your skis or snowboard today.

Watch this vision taken from around the resort: “Around” the resort means “around” and not “within”. The footage was probably taken by riding a sled to the top of a nearby untracked peak to get fresh tracks.

Check out this vision taken from on the resort: We sent our camera and skiers/snowboarders before we let the general public on the lift to make it look like you can get fresh tracks.

There are many more here as well. Please put your suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll try and compile a more comprehensive list.

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